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How To Choose a College -
By Nolan Joyce (and his family)

Choosing a college was a journey. After 9 road trips, months of tours, hundreds of emails, weeks of choices (and then changed choices), and a couple of really emotional days, the field was narrowed from 14 to 4. But he still wasn't sure. Luckily, Nolan has a mom with a giant whiteboard, whose religion is lists, and has slight OCD tendencies. Then there was finally a decision!


Nolan Ryan Joyce - Estancia High School Class of 2023 Graduate

On Thursday, June 8th 2023, we watched from the stands as Nolan walked the length of the Estancia High School football field. During this walk, a thousand thoughts raced through my minds (“I hope he’s happy, I hope he’s proud of himself, I hope he doesn’t trip…”) He reached the end of his walk, and the name “Nolan Joyce” rang through the stadium to cheers from family and friends. There is beauty in watching 12 years flash before your eyes  as your baby walks into his future after a long struggle. As he was handed his high school diploma and shook his principal’s hand, I was not sad, I did not cry; I exhaled. That release of breath was peaceful and beautiful. He tossed his cap toward the sun and a chapter of his life closed.


Nolan's Graduation Surprise

When Nolan turned 16, we gave him a 2005 Saturn that 2 generations of Joyces drove before him. We told him we would buy him a car when he graduated high school and the type of car he got would depend on his efforts. For a while it was looking like he might be getting a Yugo, but the incredible dedication he showed to turning his academics around and achieving his goals changed the game. It was a long cold lonely winter there for a while, but here comes the sun! With a lot of help from our dear friends Sarah Humphries and Jason De La O, we were able to surprise him after the graduation ceremony with his dream truck to drive into his future in Colorado. Look out comes the son.


Our Favorite Hello of The Year

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